Would You Like To Be On Our Site?

Are you able to Create in Place and would you like to be on the site? Please email us and share with us who and what you are surrounded by right now. We would love to add you to the collection.

The first step will be to create a pdf of what your Create In Place space looks like which should include the following:

1)Photos of your space: indoor and outdoors. Do you have any special parts to you location? A loft? Studio? Treehouse? Think location file photos.

2) List the people who are with you that are willing to participate; you might include their names, ages and sizes too if they are children. Include photos of everyone willing to participate in your home. Think casting type photos and include full length if possible.

 3) Is anyone with you a stylist, model, or photographer themselves? Could they be a hand model, for example? Add any and all roles are important.

 4) Be sure to showcase the storytelling aspects of your spaces, and make it personal. Where do you work, eat, play, dream?

5) Include a list of your gear and capabilities, such as stills, motion, podcasts, dronework, waterwork, and studio capabilities, for example. 

6) Describe your mission, your passions and hopes, tastes and methods. As always, we want to connect with the client on a personal level. Our feeling is the more personal you can be in this “treatment,” the story of of you in your sheltered situation, the more the clients will engage with your genuine and authentic story. We are in this together.